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The term of Chief Executive, Mr. WU Ting Pang Sunny, was expired on 31 March 2021. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. WU for serving WJCS in the past three years which has further strengthened the administrative management and strategic development of WJCS, leading WJCS introduce new services and improve the quality of life of service users. We wish Mr. Wu all the best!


The Board of Directors of WJCS launched open recruitment exercise in October 2020.  Mr. CHAN Kwok Ming Michael, the Deputy Chief Executive, is appointed as Chief Executive effective from 1 April 2021 after multiple rounds of selections and interviews.  Mr. CHAN is a seasoned social work professional with rich experience in rehabilitation service.  He joined WJCS in February 2018 and was promoted to Deputy Chief Executive in January 2020 to lead the service units, rehabilitation team and health care team of WJCS with focus on strategic planning and service development. Mr. CHAN has a good relationship in the social welfare sector.  He is familiar with the operation management of social service and direction of service development.  Mr. CHAN’s credible management experience in social welfare sector will definitely assure him to lead WJCS to go from strength to strength.


WJCS believes that our service will be stably implemented with continual development under the leadership of Mr. CHAN with an aim to provide quality service to our service users.


31 March 2021