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Prof. LI TSANG Wai Ping, Cecilia


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Wai Ji Christian Service

Wai Ji Christian Service has its origin in the Kowloon Union Church. To support the people with intellectual disabilities, a group of kind-hearted members of the Kowloon Union Church established the Wai Ji Training Centre in 1979. The Agency has been receiving subvention from the Social Welfare Department since 1984. By Jesus Christ’s love, we provide residential, rehabilitative and vocational training services to people with intellectual disabilities with the aim of enabling them to live with dignity and autonomy, develop their strengths, broaden their knowledge about the world, integrate into the community, lead rich and meaningful lives, and take part in building an equal and inclusive society.


The services of our Agency grew continuously with the needs of service users. At present, we have 7 day activity centres, 4 sheltered workshops and vocational rehabilitation centres, 10 residential care homes for people with disabilities, 1 district support centre for people with disabilities, 1 outreach team for private residential care homes for persons with disabilities, and 1 social enterprise (Wai Ji Hong Yip). In recent years, our service targets have gradually expanded from people aged 15 or above to people aged 6 or above with intellectual or other kinds of disabilities.


The core values of our Agency are founded on the interaction of 4 principal elements:

  • Our Agency’s team spirit, respect for the rights of people with disabilities and emphasis on the quality of life of service users
  • Our staff’s professional, sincere and loving service attitude
  • Participation of service users
  • Participation of service users’ family members and people from the public


In the present society, our service is in general presented with the challenges of the ageing of people with intellectual disabilities and the public’s expectation that the service should be more refined and more professional. First Corinthians 13:13 says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” With Jesus Christ’s spirit blended into our service, we provide love, care, training and opportunity to people with disabilities and work to build an equal and inclusive society for them so that they can have more enjoyable lives.