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In addition to providing daily health care, our professional nurse team also formulates health care plans for service users to promote their health. Our professional support teams work together to provide services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and clinical psychology services to provide comprehensive care for service users.


Occupational Therapy Service

It helps service users to improve their ability, including large muscles, small muscles, daily life skills and cognitive social skills, etc., to perform various tasks in daily living. Also, the therapist will provide suitable auxiliary tools for the service users so that they can achieve a higher independence in their everyday lives.


Physiotherapy Service

The therapist assists the service users to increase their muscular strength to prevent muscle degradation by evaluation, treatment, training, lectures and the use of different rehabilitation aids. Thus, the motor ability of the service users can be improved.


Speech Therapy Service

The service provides assessment and treatment to service users with swallowing, speech and communication difficulties. It helps service users to achieve a better quality of life.


The Clinical Psychology Service

It devises treatment for service users with emotional and behavioral problems to improve their quality of life, including case assessment, consultation, individual and group therapy, staff training, etc.