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Organization Chart and Board of Directors

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Organization Chart and Board of Directors

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Board of Directors 2023-24


1. Chairperson

Prof. LI TSANG Wai Ping, Cecilia

2. Vice-Chairperson

Ms. CHUNG Wing Yan, Vivian

3. Vice-Chairperson

Mr. PANG Ho Yin, Kevin

4. Hon. Treasurer

Mr. LEUNG Yiu Fat, Allen

5. Hon. Secretary

Ms. KWONG Sum Mei, Esther

6. Director

Mr. CHAN Kwong Fat

7. Director Ms. CHOW Ka Wing, Rachel
8. Director

Mr. LAU Ming Chung, Peter

9. Director

Mr. LEUNG Kai Lok, Peter

10. Director

Mr. MA Pok Man, Josiah

11. Director

Prof. SZETO Pui Yuk, Grace

12. Director
Mr. WONG Kwong Lam, Richard
13. Director

Rev. WONG Mei Fung, Phyllis