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“Stone Bird” Handicrafts

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“I have a dream of becoming a stone flying high in the sky. Will you be the wind to help me fly?” This is the yearning of artists with disabilities.


Stones symbolize perseverance and birds can fly freely in the sky. Stones and birds together mean people with disabilities flying up high in the sky to go after their dreams perseveringly. We hope that, by a determined will and an unyielding spirit, people with disabilities can overcome the barriers caused by their handicaps and the environment, ultimately flying up in the sky like birds and adding colour to their lives.


We launched the “Stone Bird Handicraft Project” in 1998. The project was inspired by one of our service users painting in water-colours a stone flying in the sky. The project was named “Stone Bird” to express that our service users can get over various difficulties, fly up to the vast sky and realize their dreams with the support of different parties in the community. We aim to develop the potentials of people with disabilities and let the public see their abilities through art training. We hope that they can be birds and fly freely in the sky on the breeze.


“Stone Bird” has been a brand for the handicrafts of our artists with disabilities since 2015. We re-designed its logo, name card, promotion leaflet and webpage on a social media platform. The variety of the handicrafts increased with time. There are pottery, cloth and bean collage works. Made under the themes of perseverance, self-strengthening or dream, all of them are packaged in a simple way.


We have held promotion sales at bookstores of Joint Publishing HK Co. Ltd., Star Ferry and Yuen Long Tang Ancestral Hall as well as on joint Open Days of our Yuen Long units and the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo to promote our Stone Bird products and enable more people to learn about the talents of artists with disabilities.


In the future, we will hold exhibitions, promotion sales, interactive handicraft booths and auctions for paintings and handicrafts of this brand. We will also organize exhibitions for the works of individual artists with disabilities. We call for your support to this project to make the dream of our artists with disabilities come true!


If you are interested in placing an order or able to offer a venue for us to hold a promotion sale or arrange a consignment, please contact Ms. Lam of our Hor Ping Sheltered Workshop and Hostel at 2443 3830.