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Work uniform accentuates professional service imageBack

To practise the values and notions of rehabilitation services, our Agency introduced a work uniform for a group of our frontline staff in 2022. Having a uniform garment for work purposes  is helpful for environmental and sanitary management. Furthermore, it can facilitate the staff to perform their job duties, such as cleaning the place and giving care to service users in their daily lives.


Coming in four colours (peach, purple, blue and grey) and carrying a white Agency Logo, the work uniform accentuates a profession service image of our staff. The staff concerned are free to choose from the four colours. Some of them remarked, “Having different colours for the uniform makes it less monotonous. If everyone wears a uniform of the same colour, it will be very much like an institution and there will be no feeling of a home.”


Picture 1: Staff wore the work uniform with same colour on the first day it was implemented in order to show their unity.