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Sheltered Workshop at Hor Ping    Hostel at Hor Ping


Service Objectives:
  • To enable service recipients to learn the ability to live independently and use community facilities for integrating into the community through different kinds of life skills training and programmes.
  • To develop service recipients’ talents and interests, build their self-confidence and enhance their communication and social skills so as to prepare them for possible job requirements in the future.
  • To promote or maintain service recipients’ motor functions and health through residential care, self-care training and occupational therapy.
  • To help service recipients to have a stronger relationship with their families through the support and guidance of a multi-disciplinary professional team.



Service Contents:

Sheltered Workshop

Packaging/Processing work

Cleaning work

Car cleaning work

Handicraft work

Haircutting Service

Handbill distributing work

Kitchen work

*The workshop does not have an employer-employee relationship with its service users.




Accommodation, meals and

personal care

Self-care training

Independent living skills training

Community living skills training

Recreational programmes/

interest groups

Health Care

Visiting Medical Practitioner Scheme

Occupational therapy


Speech therapy

Clinical psychological service

Individual and group counselling

Family support and counselling

interest groups

Health Care

Visiting Medical Practitioner Scheme



Eligibility for the Service:
  • 15 or above of age with intellectual disabilities (mild to moderate) or other kinds of disabilities
  • with basic self-care ability
  • found by a physical examination to have no infectious disease
  • physically and mentally fit for group living
  • (for employment service applicants) willing to work



Application Procedures and Fees:
Enquiries and applications can be made through the district integrated family services centres of the Social Welfare Department, medical social workers, special school social workers, or the rehabilitation organizations the applicants belong to. The applications will be passed to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by the Social Welfare Department. Referrals to our service units via this system will be assessed for admission. All fees will be charged according to the rates set by the Social Welfare Department and our Agency.



Sheltered Workshop: 115 (including 20 places of Work Extension Programme)
Hostel: 52



Service Hours:  
Sheltered Workshop: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
Hostel: 24 hours (Monday to Sunday)



No. of Licence of Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities:



Exit from the Service:
Applications for exit from the service will be handled in accordance with our policy and procedures on service exit. The application should be made to the service unit concerned in writing one month in advance. It will be followed up by the service unit accordingly.