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"Cheer On" Carers Support Project was set up to look after carers’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs using the person-centred approach.


In the service project, individual counselling, therapeutic groups, interest groups, large-scale parent-child programmes, volunteer training, volunteer service, staff training and community education programmes were conducted. The objectives are to relieve carers’ stress from caregiving work and to help them explore the meaning of their lives other than the role of a carer so as to have a positive outlook on life. To make the service more comprehensive and more varied, professional support services, parent-child groups, parenting groups and support services for ethnic minority groups were added to the parents and relatives resource centre.


Besides, to give emphasis to carer’s participation in the centre and increase their sense of belonging towards the service, a membership system was introduced and a management committee made up of carers was set up. The members of the committee will give advice on the membership system and participate in the management work of the centre. It is hoped that this can increase their sense of self-efficacy.


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